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    Creatine and Protein

    I am 18 years old and currently weighting 165lbs. I am 5'8'' and have already taken a cycle of deca 300. I know i am too young. Well i am done with it until later thanks to you guys. I think that i might go with creatine. The only thing is, is that using creatine is mainly trapping water in your muscles. I know creatine works well and all but what happens when i stop taking it. Do i lose all my gains because of the less absortion of water. Also i need to know how much protein to take each day and how much creatine. I know that there is a loading faze with creatine and i need to know how much to take for that and there after. I am goiing with the creatine and protein combinatoin instead of roids. You guys helped me change my mind on another cycle so i need you to help with me to get started thank you again.

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    protien at least 1gm per pound of body weight.
    creatine buy cee its a new creatine called creatine ester someting you dont hold as much water and your body absorbs more of it, sci fit makes a product called kre alk****e pretty good ish follow the directions on the bottle.

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    You should not hold onto too much water if you take the creatine correctly. You should encounter some strength gains if your diet is in check. I would 1.5g pro per lb bw, but double that in carbs to help you bulk up (i assume that is what you are doing). Carbs are protein sparing so will not need as much protein. IMO creatine is overrated, you would be better off with the right diet/training.


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