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    Superdrol Help... FAST

    Just found out my buddy is taking this and he has NO IDEA WHAT IT IS....

    He got it from dude at the gym and thinks its "like creatine"

    I am all natty, so I don't know what I am doing with it...

    what does he need to take WITH it for liver protection, etc?

    He said he is following the directions off the bottle.

    I konw he should just STOP taking it, but he is one stubborn ass dude and I just don't want him to fack himself up. a bro out


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    I honestly think he will be fine. Superdrol is not actual Masteron , if you are worried about his liver pick him up a bottle of milkthistle. In my opinion you seem a little japped up about superdrol, relax he's not eating 10 a-bombs aday.

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    Superdrol is in fact much like a steroid . It will shut you down and hard too. It is methylated as well so it will be hard on the liver. ALA should be fine at this point for liver protection. If he continues to take it he will def be needing PCT. I suggest you look up a proper protocol for him to follow.

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