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    Thumbs up superdrol update

    started my sd cycle this past monday.

    weight: 176lbs 6% bf 5"9 22yrs old

    sd 10mg week 1
    sd 20mg week 2 and 3

    1000mg ed milk thislte
    1500mg ed hawthorn berry
    1500mg ed flush free niacin
    1200mg ed red yeast rice
    15g ed flax seed oil
    pct- 40mg week 1 then down to 20mg week 2---nolva

    tribulus- 4g ed

    my diet consists of chicken breasts/pasta/honey/oatmeal/broccolli/wheat bagels/rasains/applesauce/egg whites/protein shakes/bananas

    i beleive from all the reading i have done that sd responds well to high carbs. i am consuming 3g per pound of bodyweight. (note: i would not go this high carb if i was consuming cheat meals, as this might put on unwanted body

    day-5) 10:52 a.m. weight is up to 181, and abs are still showin!!!!! i think i finally figured my body out a little!
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