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    Syntrax Nectar Lemon Tea and Crystal Sky. YUCK!

    On my search for my favorite protein I purchased Syntrax Nectar Lemon Tea and Crystal Sky. Both taste nasty too me. the Lemon tea i can handle but the Crystal Sky (which makes a blue shake ) is Horrible.
    Just a heads up for those searching for new protein powder.

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    thanks usually i dont buy the expensive shiot, i only buy on, buy lately ive been buying vitamin shops protien its on sale for ten bucks for thirty some servings it pretty good ish. speakin of which i just had my firts protien fart of the day and man did it smell good. like a bag of burnt m&m's.

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    Yeah i got some of the lemon tea trash and it isnt to good, But your right i can handle to drink it. I heard that the lemonade was the best

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    I've found lemonade is the best too. I thought the tea flavor wasn't bad considering it has no artificale sweeteners. That's saying something too, if you've ever tried raw protein powder.

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    yeah the lemon tea was horrendous.
    i just got crystal sky and it's tolerable as long as it's really watered down.
    the lemonade was really good.
    the fuzzy navel flavor is good too.

    any reviews on the other flavors?

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    im thinkin of tryin the fuzzy navel. I love mangos and peaches so i think i will like it. I am also interested in the apple ecstacy. Anybody try both and think one is better? Thanks
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