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    creatine intake?

    I like too use creatine monohydrate for bridge cycles,my question is how much creatine is too much or can you take to much?,I'm currently taken 15 grams a day 7.5 grams in the morning 7.5 grams after a workout or before bed,my workouts consist of powerlifting/bodybuilding,stats:5'7'' 205lbs. 10-12%bf ,any comments would be appreciated.

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    The advocated staying at a high dose, 20-30g, for the duration of its use. They believed they had less strength with a dose of 5-10g. I read this a number of years back, so they could have changed their opinion. A member here told me that your body can't absorb more than 5-10g a day. Anyone else have an opinion?

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    From what I remember reading at GNC when I worked there, your muscles can only absorb so much creatine everyday. This is why you would do a loading phase, then a maintnace dose thereon. I would say maybe kick it back up to the loading amount for a few days, maybe once a month for a week, to resaturate the muscles.

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