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    superdrol and acne

    I am thinking about using superdrol. I am 21 and have been lifting naturally for several years. I am 5'7 about 165 lbs with around 13 percent body fat. I want to gain some lean mass and am interested in superdrol but I have always been prone to acne and still get a little. I was wondering if anybody has seen an increase in acne while using superdrol. Since PCT is recomended with it, it has to effect testosterone and shouldnt that mess with acne?

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    yeah, deffinitely an increase in acne

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    You are worried about acne.....What about the other sides that come along with this product.....The lathargy, back pumps, high blood pressure, and screwed up cholesterol to name a few.....Not at all beeing cruel but shit that would be the last thing I would be worried about.....

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    bro, its day 7 and i haven't seen an increase in acne. but we will see after this week. the second week is the best when using sd

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