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    ATD Sex drive concern!!!

    Ok fellas hopefuly somebody can help me out here.I've been taking ATD and lean extreme for about 2 weeks now and have lost almost all of my sex drive.Im assuming it is the ATD that is doing this.I have been taking 50mg a day....should I bump it up to 75mg or drop it down to 25mg or drop it all together.I read that Atd can cause this problem and that finding the right dose is neccesary.Kinda freaked out though!!I do have some Nolva on hand...would it be wise to throw some nolva in the mix if so at what dosages?One more thing this is stand alone stack.Havn't takin any cycles so im not shut down.

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    the sex drive will return if you drop the dose down but so will the slight gains

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