Ove the last two months, I cycled with Animal cuts, ephedra and Caffeine pills. I was able to amazingly come down to the bodyfat that I wanted and I must admit that I have never been this ripped even when I was taking Winstrol with Clen last summer.

This stack gave me the adequate amount of energy to do enough cardio to chisel all I have on my frame.

Now, after debating and deciding, I'm going to continue on this cutting cycle this winter.

I have plans on taking ethyl creatine and NO2 to gain a bit of size without extra water.

My question is, if I take no2, will the ephedra negate the affects... I read as much about no2 on this forum as possible. one is a vaso constricter and the other vaso dialator.

I have taken no2 before but that was years ago. Now, there are like 100 brands that all claim to be better then the other. I can research which brand if for me but please give me some feedback about the ephedra being a vasoconstricter.