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    Logic behind seperating your dosages

    The most common answer is that by seperating your dosages troughout the day, you keep your blood levels constant.
    But what about the actual dosage strength?

    If I have a huge headache, I would probably take 2 tylenols and it would work but if I were to take only one, it would not be strong enough for me, (I'm 230lbs BTW) nor would it be a good idea to take 2 tylenols 4 hours apart.

    If I were to take an oral supplement with a half life of 8 hours which it's sugested dosage is 20mg ED, then by previous logic, I would split up the dosage into two, 10mg in the morning and 10mg later that day but then I would only have 10mg on my system for 8 hours until my next dosage.
    I would only have 10mg constantly on my system troughout the day, if compared to my tylenol analogy then I would be better off chewing gum... right?

    If 20mg is what makes my body react to said supplement then wouldn't I have to make sure that my body has 20mg constantly troughout the day?

    Some people say "I get great results with 20mg ED"... is the body reacting to 20mg in one shot or to 10mg spreaded into 2 dosages?
    The logical answer would be that everybody is different but if we were THAT different than there would be no medicine so some sort of standard should apply... right?

    BTW, sorry if I sound ignorant but I have no medicine background, I know this has been discussed before but I think it makes for good discussion.

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    Well you want the substance in your system and working around the clock correct?

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    if it is hormonal then yes it will be greater efficentcy if broken apart and consitant then to have highs and lows of your body being able to use the said substance.

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