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    Pa AGAIN.

    Whats the best supplements for me?

    Hey everyone. I'm back into lifting and I am lQQking at purchasing some supplements. I'm lQQking at getting some Whey protein and some Creatine. What is a really good company to go with that gives you the best bang for your buck? I'm interested in hearing what you all have to say. Thanks ALOT!

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    depends on your goals, biggger, leaner, stronger?? everyones gonna say use CEE creatine, but i have found better results using the homemade cell-tech with monohydrate, just do a search o this site for homemade cell tech and ull find it. As fas as protein goes i am a hudge believer in tasteless protein, you can mix it wit watever drink u want so ur not lokced into drinking a choc shake for the next 30 days, i usually take 1 scoop in the morn, then put 2 scoops into my homemade cell tech post workout, as far as ne other supps go its all up to you, theres millions out there n all do diff shit, bu thats a good starting point, ohh yaa and a good multi vitamin

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    Glutamine, Amino Acids, Mega Men Vitamins. If you're just starting out, theres not a huge amount of stuff you really need. Protein is protein for now, just make sure you're getting enough, use protien shakes when you cant get it from a "Real" source. Creatine is up to you...Personally I dont like it, makes me look too water-weighty. I never have problems gaining w/out it either. Good luck bro

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