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    Wink CAL MAG pills to over come dairy allergies

    Is it a good idea to buy some calcium magnasium and vitamine d to get my daily requirement of calcium 1200mg since each time i either eat cheese, drink milk or worst eat cottage cheese i bloat has hell and feel real bad.

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    Well, it's always best to get your vitamins and minerals as much as possible from what you eat. You can also get a lot of calcium from leafy green veggies...not just dairy. But if you have a dairy intolerance, which it sounds like you do, then a cal-mag supplement it definitely a good idea. a liquid cal-mag supplement is great, because the liquid is more easily digested in the body. And definitely make sure that there is vitamin D in your calcium supplement, because your body needs that to digest the calcium. But also look into adding other calcium rich foods into your diet if possible.

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