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    (Ephedra Free)Hydroxycut + Ephadrine

    I used the old (Good) Hydroxycut last year with Ephedra and lost a substantial amount of fat. This year i bought some Designer Whey from my store and got 2X (100 cap bottles) of the new ephedra free stuff thrown in. My question is can i add ephadrine to this and if so how much to maximise loss.


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    You could add the ephedra IMO...but you might wanna read the label of the "new" ephedra, some say it hinderrs the effect and shouldnt be used in conjunction with ephedra. And im not sure on the dosage, sombebody else could give you a proper dosage better then I,,BUMP.

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    personally i think hydroxycut is a waste of money, you can get clen for about the same price, and get much better results

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    I agree with the Pimp...lay your pimp hand down and get the Clen .

    To answer your specific question:
    I wouldn't add Eph to the Eph free stack because generally (and I'm not familiar with the new Hydroxycut), they use some psuedo-ephedra product to mimic potency like Synephrine. So check the active ingredients, it doesn't get any stronger than L-Tyrosine, then you can add it. Also, you can make your own ECA stack as we did before the big companies combined them. Take the three central ingredients Ephedra (334mgs), Caffiene (200mgs) and Aspirin (100mgs).

    NOTE: That's a full serving and not recommended for beginners, who should start with one third of a serving.

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    This should be moved to the supplement forum.


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