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    Flax oil and Carb drinks-which ones?

    Currently I am only taking Whey protein and creatine capsules. I have read flax oil and carb drinks are a necessity.
    Why exactly are the fatty acids necessary?
    Which brand is best bang for the buck?
    What carb mixes taste/work/cost the best?
    When is an ideal time to take the fatty acids and the carb drinks?

    I am in a bulking cycle, however, I am trying to avoid as much fat gain as possible. I am mixing cardio in, but still eating like a horse. Thanks guys/gals!

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    I prefer flax oil. You can use various things to get EFA's. Various nuts(peanuts, walnuts, almonds, etc). Any carbs drink is fine that has maltodextrin. Real whole foods are much better.

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    You go with a casein (milk) based drink, try to keep sugars and saturated fats low, protein and fiber high.

    The best EFA is Udo’s Oil.

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