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    cell mass...worth it?

    just wondering if cell mass is worth looking into. it is mighty expensive, i was just wondering if anybody has used it and can give me some feeback. thanks.

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    save your cash.

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    I got a can of the stuff for free. It gives pretty decent results, but its nothing special.So do as Prolangtum said.

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    I personally like it. I believe you can purchase it at mass nutrition for only $30 and change. Makes my muscles harder but ofcourse i must say i have been takin slin with it as well p.w.o. So if ya got $30 to spair i say give it a try.

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    im just finishing up my jug of it, and well its given me some strength gains but its not worth the price. either stick with regular creatine or buy CEE powder and cap it.

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