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    Need to cut fat, what supps will help?

    I am not looking for a pill that will magically get rid of fat, I am not a depressed and misguided 400 lb woman eating ice cream with her hands straight from the carton. I am, however, looking for any supplement that will help me with the fat burning process.

    I am 6'4, 238 lbs mostly muscle but an ANNOYING layer of fat on my midsection and chest that is making all my hard work nearly invisible. I run 30-45 min every morning on an empty stomach, followed by 10-12 eggwhites and I follow a pretty strict diet throughout the day. Have been doing this for about 2 months. Not seeing the results I have expected, I do not take any supps whatsoever. Any recommendations? I heard that Hydroxicut used to be good, but without the Ephedra it is garbage. Thanks!

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    Basically its all your diet. Your diet is not in check if you are notseeing results, sorry but thats the honest truth. In terms of what will help you with fat loss. Good ole ECA should be a good aid, but you need to post up your diet in the Diet forum and that's where you'll get the help you need.

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    Tighten your diet up,not just fat,keep an eye on those carbs as well! As far as drugs to help you along go id say loose as much as you can naturaly first,then look towards t3/t4 and/or clen to help you over the final hurdles.Good luck and stick it out,things dont happen overnight.

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    id start out with more benign things than clen and t3...yeesh. e/c and SesaThin is where id start.

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