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    Doing Jiu-Jitsu...Can i take creatine??

    Hey what's up everyone, i haven't posted in a while, been of the gym for a while... My question is, since i take brazilian jiu-jitsu every day, can i take creating 10-20 minutes prior to my 1-2 hour class?.. I mean it's pretty much a great workout rolling with the bros in class... I use a lot of my muscle, and come out of their drenched in sweat. Just though it could help me out more in my power. Please let me know. thanks

    PS.. The reason why is because i do'nt have time to lift, i practice BJJ 4 day's a week. And i don't want to pay for a monthly membership if i'm only going 2 times a week... Can anyone help?

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    I would say absolutly, but most jui jitsu guys dont want that extra water weight, but if u wanna pu ton a few pounds, then sure go ahead, it wont hurt.

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