Im just in my first few weeks of coming back to training after an injury or two or three- been off for 3 months.

Now that I am back into the rythm of things, as of next week, I am going to start using my supps again and making my diet and training as spot on as I can. I know enough about diet and training, but I would like some advice on the supp side of things.

I know a lot about supps but would just like to know what the new and best ways are for using/stacking them now.

I am going to use the following, and ideas of use -

CEE - unsure right now
ZMASS - at night
High strength Multivit - every morn
2g daily of VitC- split morn and night
flax seed oil (Liquid) - around 30g split into 3 daily
glucosomine/chondroitin - daily
ON 100% whey protein powder (Got plenty of aminos in so not supp'n wi aminos anymore) - morning with oats, after training
dextrose/maltodextrin - used with Whey after training
cod liver oil/fish oils - every morn
for cutting - caffeine/effedrine - unsure, but not needed yet as I am bulking.

I also have GABA if its worth taking at some point ?? - Used at night, 1/2 tsp

Your advise on the above would be great please.

Current stats are - 187lbs, 10-12%BF (Current) 23 yr old, 5'10", 17.5" arms, 30" waist, 7 yrs training, max bench 350lbs, squat 425lbs, leg press 1150lbs, shoulder press 300lbs. All pre my first cycle which I did earlier this year for 10wks.

Hope Ive covered enough, Oh yeah and I am wanting to bulk up before xmas! Increase strength too.

Thanks guys!