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Thread: drug tests?

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    Question drug tests?

    i am a college baseball athlete at a division 1 school
    we haven't gotten drug tested yet but we are def. going to

    i was wondering if supps like superdrol or the new halodrol would flunk a test?

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    this site gives you the list of anabolics that are illegal to you..notice the last one says in bold letters "And Related Compounds"

    I would ASSUME that NCSS div 1 uses Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry..basically, GC separates the urine from whatever else is in your system, and MS is used to determing EXACTLY what compounds are in your system. it gives the molecular ident. sooo...if it was me, i would NOT use sd or halodrol because they will be able to detect that you are using something at the very least, whether they know its SD or not. And whether its illegal or not, they've got their backup in the rules "Other Related Compounds". I would bet that their view would be "you're taking a supplement that gives you a definitive advantage, though its currently legal, thats not fair and not tolerable in NCAA, you're out."

    So if you value baseball, then I would suggest not taking anything. If you are just doing it for fun, and dont care, then you can take some and try to get around the test.

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