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Thread: PWO shake/meal

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    PWO shake/meal

    My post workout shake is a homemade cell tech with 2 scoops of protein, so my PWO nutrition is taken care off inthat, but then i usually eat a meal 30 mins after that, then my dinner n thats the last meal of the day for me, im wondering what i should be eating after my PWO shake, pro,fat,carbs?? im not bulking, and im not cutting. I stopped working out for 3 months n lost like 7 pounds, so just trying to get tht weight back with a solid diet n creatine, is this ok??

    Workout- 330
    PWO shake- 430
    Meal- Can of tuna over salad-5 oclcok
    Dinner-either steak or chicken with broccoli or asparagus 7 oclock

    trying to watch my carb intake so i dont just put on worthless weight, id rather only put on 5 pounds n look moe defined then put on 12 n look alittle flabby

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    bro first off your your PWO shake should be taken right after the gym IMO, not 1 hr after. Go with a 2:1 ratio of dex/ to protein..

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