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    Need help with supplement.

    Hey, fellas. Right now I'm taking Pro Complex and GNC's ProPerformance Weight Gainer 2200. And any of you who have taken that weight gainer (or any other weight gainer, that I know of) know that it only lasts like a week at most. I use a lot of supplements due to my job and going to school; just comes in really handy when you're pushed for time. But Daaaammnn, it gets really expensive spending $40.00 a week at GNC.

    Does anyone know of a supplement out there that I can get around the same amount of calories and protein as the 2 supplements that I'm taking right now provide??? And one that will last a bit longer???

    Oh, almost forgot. I mix these 2 supplements together 3 times/day. Each serving, I'm getting around 700 calories and 87 grams of protein. So, can anyone help me out with a different supplement that I don't know of???

    Thanks a lot, guys,

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    geez thats a ton of $ to spend on that. what about buying bulk food?

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    Yea, but being a full-time student and working all the time (5 days a week), supplements come in SO handy. And I want to make sure that I get ALL the calories, protein, and other nutrients that I need.


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    Eh, I'm not a fan of supplements. I would rather eat my nutrients.

    I'm very budget concience when it comes to buying food as well. The best thing I ever did was buy a Costco membership [although BJ's work just as good].

    Peanut Butter sandwhiches, cans of tuna, fat-free yogurt, cottage cheese, chick peas, almonds and other stuff like that are really easy to carry around with you and if you buy them at a bulk food place, you're going to spend a lot less than $40 a week.

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    Id just stick with a whey protein, and than eat it with other calorie dense foods. Peanuts, Peanut Butter, bagels, etc.

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    gnc pro performance amino 1000 will help, and its cheap also

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