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    Need help. Got the new Xenadrine that does not contain Ephedrine

    I want to know if anyone has tried this stuff? does it work? I can not see how it could work as well as One with ephedrine. Basicly it a CA stack with the Name that sells. I thinking about sending it back because It not what i bought. i even looked at my recipt says the others stuff and webpages says the other stuff.

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    Depends on what you want bro. Ephedrine can have a lot of side effects. I have used the Xenadrine RFA-1. It worked well, but I got bad headaches after I stopped taking it. Even so, I'd still recommend the regular Xenadrine over the new ephedrine free stuff.

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    the cytodyne website claims the new stuff to be even better at burning fat than the original RFA-1. They must've added some new ingredient to it. Just check out the website and see what they have to say about it. I've been thinking about giving it a try, let me know how it works out for ya.

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    all that added ''new ingredient,''secret more potent ing is coplete bs my's all marketing that;s all.i tried old hydroxycut with ephedrine and was pleased with results,after they banned usa version here in canada tried can version,it sucks,thyro cut -it sucks too etc.the only stack that has been proven to work is eca ,none of that herbal equivalent,guggul,cayene ,green tea extract etc -so call researches done on that stuff were sponsored by supplements companies and of course they will tell you it works amaizingly well because they sell it,how many of us did lose weight by drinking green tea ?

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