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Thread: scam or not?

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    scam or not?

    i see some dude at the rink the other day taking some kind of fat-carb blocker pill. i was gonna add my 2 cents then i relised i didnt really know if i was right or wrong. can any of those things possibly have any benifit?

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    They do have some pills that doctor's prescribe, like Xenical, that supposedly bind to fat in your food and pass it through your body.

    [conspiracy_theory]What I think Xenical REALLY does is give you diarrhea for about an hour, as you are supposed to take it before a meal, which causes the food to pass through without being properly digested and stored as fat.[/conspiracy_theory]

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    any OTC fat blocker/carb blocker is BS. you can take that to the bank.

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