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    Dextrose, Creatine, Glutamine, protien all in one drink

    I was using Cell tech, but deicieded since I have alot of pure creatine sitting around I would just order some dextrose and make my own.
    So as soon as I get done working our can I mix the 80 grams dextrose, 40 grams protien, and glutamine (not sure how much), and the creatine (10g) up in a shake or should I drink the dextrose and creatine right after workout and than drink a protien shake once insuilin levels are spiked. Thanks,
    Also if you know when I should take the gluatimine peptide and how much would be greatly appreciated.
    And lastly can you take creatine forever, or should you cycle it. Same question for glutamine and dextrose.

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    i would take the dex & protein in one shake, and creatine & glut in another.

    i take 5-10g of creatine and glutamine pwo. although my protein powder has enough glut in it i get like 25g daily

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    yea i just spoon the glu/cee in my mouth and the dex and protein shake right after

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