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    No... energy... Need... supplements....

    I was just scrolling through a thread which asked everyone to name their favorite supplements. It was very informative, but after a while my head started spinning.

    I'm 36 years old, 5'-7" tall, and weight about 260 lbs. I play Rugby and have always juiced to get mass, size and power, never cared for cardio and six-back abs. An Anadrol and pancakes kind'a man, if you know what I mean.

    I have learned more about gear since I joined A.R. I wish I had this knowledge when I was still in my 20's. My approach to diet, training, P.C.T., and dosage has been altered. I'm eating clean, working out more intensely, and shying away from the harsh bulking orals. In fact, I think I'm eating so clean my body is going Catabolic while on cycle.

    Anyway, I'm currently on my first "smarter cycle": No Sustanon , Anadrol, long strung-out dosage schedule, etc. this time. Basic and regular...

    week 1-4 Dianabol 40mg./day
    week 1-14 Deca 200mg./eod
    week 1-14 Test. E. 250mg./eod

    P.C.T. Nolvadex and Clomid
    at the usual recommended descending amounts.

    I figure this is a cleaner, less harsh bulker. I'm eating six meals a day which consist of oatmeal, egg whites, cans of tuna, brocoli, salmon, brown rice... I've also been taking just straight up Whey protein (from G.N.C. and some Milk Thistle.

    My strength is WAY up, and I look GOOD, but my weight is about the same. I know this cycle is different from every one I've ever done, but I'm still a little jumpy about the lack of "ballooning up" I'd have seen by now in the past.

    My question to you is this: What food supplements would YOU recommend to a guy who still wants to be a BIG bulky guy, but harder and more quality mass than he's ever had before? I think my carbs are too low, as I'm exhausted on cycle. I get to the gym and I have NO energy. Just want to pack it in and go home.

    I've heard about adding Dex for energy, Creatine (which manufacturer? Which type?), Glutamine (Again, which?), aminos, etc. Are the pills or the liquids better? Would meal supplements like "MetRx" give me more in the way of energy than just Whey and skim milk? What about Flax Oil?? What do you take for energy before a work-out? and how long before getting to the gym?

    There are a million opinions about this stuff on here, but anyone who really has experience as a trainer or nutritionist? It was suggested by System Admin. that I ask some Mods about this, but no responses so far from that quarter.

    I really, REALLY hope to change my physique to what I now know will be for the better in the long run. Thanks,

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    You'll get more answers in here.

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    Hope so.

    I've got a shopping cart ready to go at AllSportsNutrition:

    MetRx 50 count meal packets

    Optimum Nutrition Casein Protein

    Optimum Nutrition Creatine

    PowerTech Creatine-Glutamine punch

    EFA Gold 1300 mg. Flax Oil

    Would like a knowledgable nutritionist who knows my stats and goals to look it over before I break out the credit card.


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    First thing you should look into is alter you meal schedule to by switching carb meals when the most energy is needed.

    The next greatest energy booster is going to be caffiene It can be used in smaller doses and will provide a nice energy.

    If your looking for something slightly more mild check out green tea extract.

    \Then you should consider the various brain stims also know as nootropics they tend to give slight energy but more mental focus a good premade would be NeuroStim + C
    and Cerebral by omega sports or brain drive by the same company for a cheaper version

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