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    Rit**** (ADD) Vs Creatine - No Explode... Advice please!

    I just received my NO Explode Creatine in the mail and it states that taking ephedrine related products will react with the creatine (dehydration I guess) and lessen the results....

    I take Rit**** LA 30mg a day for my ADD and I am going to start with the No Explode.... with Rit**** being a diurectic... will it work against the Creatine??

    Thanks ahead of time for you help as always!

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    drink more water. youll be fine

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    theres more to it then water..

    to keep it simple, NO supplements increase the size of blood arteries to carry more blood and nutrients to ur muscles.. Ephedrine reduces the size of the arteries. Thats why u don't mix them.. cause they'll cancel each other out.

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