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    Micronised creatine

    Hi Guys,

    after having done my fair share of trials (dymatise expand, omega thunder, cee) I still think that the most efficient, safe and long lasting effect is given by normal creatine mono.

    However, the puffy face that mono gives u does not appeal to me; my question for who has tried; does micronised creatine such AST give u still the puffy look or because it is micronised this effect is minimised?


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    everyone knocks me when i reccomend the homemade cell-tech with 2 scoops of tasteles whey protein as a staple for PWO bulking, or even maitnance, its like 60 bucs for EVERYTHING including the protein n it lasts 2 months i think, not bad, works, very cost efficient
    75 grams carbs
    10 grams mono
    50 grams protein
    Getting Big natty...PRICELESS
    i just used this for 8 weeks so im jumping off it for a few weeks, then gonna start drinking this once a day and do the activate/vovedex stack, im so pumped, my final bulk before the summer

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    i notice much les bloat from micronized. its cool stuff. i use the ON brand

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