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    Question Superdrol,PP,Max LMG

    Hey guys, i know there are a thousand different threads on all of these supps. I am currently tappering sdrol and started pp (so wk 3 of sdrol and wk 1 od pp) and i am going to run pp for a total of 3 weeks. That is a total of 5 wks on sdrol and pp, my questions is would it be alright to stack Max LMG at the end of the 5 weeks since it is not methylated? If so, how long? I have all ancillaries and PCT in check.

    Thanks for all of your help. I was big into the supp game a few years ago but lost interest after pro-hormone ban. After news of new pro-steroids i jumped back into the game.

    Some quick stats; 6'2" 285 pre-sdrol at 16% BF
    post sdrol and current pp
    6'2" 301 BF ? up 1 notch on belt

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    No real need to use the Max at all IMO. You have two very very potent compounds right now.

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