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    Question Newb needs your help on suppliments!

    Hey guys, I been reading the boards for several months now and it’s been a tremendous help! I finally came up with some questions of my own and knew this would be the place to turn. Here’s my questions. I am currently lifting intensely 3x a week and doing cardio 3-5 times a week (no more than 30 minutes each time) in conjunction with a balanced diet. To aid me I am taking several supplements. Among them Hydroxycut, CLA, T-Bomb II (Testosterone enhancer), as well as a daily creatine shake (Cell tech). I wanted to know if this plan sounded all right? I am 20 years old, between 5’9 and 5’10”, 183lbs, 13% body fat. So I have a little weight left to lose, hence my taking the Hydroxycut. If this doesn’t sound like good plan, please make some suggestion how I can make it better. My goal is cut my fat down to 10% while putting on muscle (how original?) if possible in the next 2 months. Do you think this is attainable? If not, what would you suggest.
    I have considered using clen or an ECA stack. But once again I wasn’t sure what would be the most effective method, or appropriate method at my level. Let me know your thoughts on these, as well as any downsides. In reference to the hydroxycut, I hear it is an effective fat burner, but can burn a lot of muscle as well. If that is the case I want to get off it? Have you guys heard this?
    Additionally, if you can suggest any other supplements that you think would help me on my way it would be greatly appreciated. I have heard some people say Animal Cuts and Animal Pak by Universal is good (if you have tried it, let me know). I know I am asking a lot, I just want to make sure if I am going to train my body, I want to do it right, no more half assign. Thanks a lot.(sorry for the length)

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    Bro, do not waste your hard earned cash on cell - tech waste of money. alot of guys here will tell you the same. it is junk. hyped up, junk.

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    Good post - a lot of info for people to give some advice on.
    My first supplement was a base Mono Creatine and it seemed to put a little water weight on me.
    The second, and one of the better base products I've used was the MStak from Animalpak and I was happy with the results so you might want to check that out if you're hearing it from more than one person.

    I then went to 1-AD and really liked it! But they banned that and I haven't really found much to compare to it yet.

    I'm looking to try some Superdrol just for kicks and see what that does.

    I have a buddy that loves T-Bomb and I think the first two cycles helped him with some gains but not any cutting - so stick with the Hydroxycut if it's working for you.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck!
    (And 13% BF is great - a lot of guys have a hard time even getting that low)

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