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    About this Cortisone

    I would like to know your honest opinion about your using of these "anti"-cortisone, I have red alot about it, some say's it's bullshit, other say they never felt better, and my mom even sayd it was amazing.

    But I would think my mom had some placebo effect, but who knows?.

    but please donīt url me some researchers data they discovered while urinating or something, i donīt want paperwork nor the newest article in EAS/muscletech sponsored magazine

    real story's please

    Dbol looks nice on charts, but in reality is doesnīt.

    ... the reason is my friend is 153 kg, aprox 312 pounds... about 2 years ago I got him down to 128 ... wich is 260 lbs, but now it's a bit harder...

    our routine:

    Monday: Back. lats mostly.
    tuesd: Bench & dips (amazing results in dips just in the last 4 weeks.)
    wedn: squat / calfs and shoulders.
    Thurs: deadlifts and bicep
    friday: Bench & dips

    usually we'll start 4 min running.. sometimes if we have the energy we take 30-40 min after workout on skyingmachine.

    btw, Here in my country anti-cortisone is illegal, but very easy to optain.

    Our rules here are strange, for some stuff, itīs not illegal to use, not illegal to have. but it is illegal to sell.

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    Then it looks like your options are getting from overseas and importing if its not illegal to have.

    They do work but dont expect miracles they help lose BF which is caused by stress and increased cortisol

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