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Thread: N0-Xplode

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    First day on it, and I must say, I honestly can't imagine this causing any negative side effects that some reports say they've had. I took 2 scoops (the recommended).

    about 20 minutes later I felt the effects of the stimulant: Felt energized, warm, blood flow increase, a small increase in vascularity. I felt a tad disappointed at this point but was thinking that the effects would probably become more pronounced over time.... However, during my workout I felt extremely energetic, lack of fatigue, and the pumps set in. My tris were, and are still, AMAZINGLY pumped. I honestly can barely touch my back with my fingertips. This may not seem amazing but I'm sort of thin and also am hypermobile.. so this is a huge decrease in mobility. I can tell it is directly related to the tri pump. N02, NOX2, and 2 Pumped are all supps I've tried for increased vascularity and none worked on me so I'm not disappointed that this barely increased it. Overall, it meets everything I wanted it to be other than an increase in size and strength, but that takes time.


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    I love NO-Xplode! Feels like I'm on speed without the negative side-effects!

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