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    need to get my calories up

    I am currently on a bulking cycle. I want to get my calories up. Are weight gainers a bad idea for this. Should i get my calories from whole food???

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    yes they are most weight gainers are just crappy kinds of whey and lots of simple sugars and fats.....if u wanna gain ne kind of weight than yeah theyre perfect...if u wanna gain LBM spec Muscle...then the answer is NO.

    check the Bulking stickies in the diet forum...and then post ur diet there for critique....the majority of ur meals should be whole foods yes...if u need ALOT of calories and u just cant stomach anymore foods...then whey/oats/honey shakes along with ur solid meals will be an easy way to add good calories.

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    There are so many ways of geting your calories up its ridiculous.

    As IFX stated those weight gainers are mostly crappy whey and even crappier Carbs. Some can contain like 200g of Carbs and half of that sugar. You really have to watch out for that.

    I prefer whle food as IFX stated. But since your question was getting you calories up then I'd impliment a few more shakes. Even something as simple as 2 more shakes throughout the day can up your total caloric intake by 1000 or more calories. Throw a little Peanut butter in there and get those numbers up even higher.

    Remember your body views calories as calories. Wether its from a snickers bar or 4oz. of chicken breast. It will be totalled out the same way at the end of the day. Not to say there isnt a difference b/c its huuuge. Content is important. The more quality a food contains the more it can work for you not against you.

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    Real food > weight gainer shakes

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