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    Animal stack Ques?

    Do any of you guys know which is a better product Animal stack 2 or Animal M Stack for strength and size??

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    arent those just amino acids?

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    im about to try animal m-stak. i tried animal pak, which was decent, mainly saw more energy in the gym which lead to more lifting which lead to more gains.

    just a heads up it makes you pee mountain dew colored. first time i pissed it took me a minute to figure out what the hell was going on.

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    I've tried both - liked the MStak better for gains. Stak 2 seemed to be more of a Arginine, Tribulus, Zinc and Amino mix. Better recovery to me on Stak2, but for the money I would use the MStak again. It helped me through a plateau and I made the gains on bench, squats and rows. Maybe 5 - 8% over what I had been working out with before.
    I did one cycle and kept most of the gains afterward.

    What you could do is get some Arginine,and Zinc and take those with the MStak.
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    I wouldnt buy either, just my experience.

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