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    Arginine & Glutamine

    I have just bought some arginine pills and glutamine powder. What is the dosage recommended for each and when is it best to be taken?

    Another question i got, is NO2 a scam? Im hearing its just mainly arginine and they are scamming people. Im just cruious any feedback is welcomed.

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    NO2 is only for a good pump in the gym. Nitric Oxide is distributed into your blood, resulting in a better 'pump'. That's all. It won't build muscle if that's what you want it for.

    Personally I think glutamine is a waste of money as it is in most whey protiens.

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    absolutely i read a study that was published in muscular development that glute was a waste of money.

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    I've done Arginine - 1 gram a day (took about three weeks to notice anything) I would rate results as mild.
    Glutamine is usually of use when cutting - not bulking

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