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    Natural Mass Wanted

    Hey guys what's up I'm just finishing up my second bottle of Vitargo CGL (approx. 6 weeks on) and want to take a break. But these breaks kill me mentally while I'm off creatine. I will be taking plenty of protein and aminos perhaps a weightgainer. I would like to know if anyone had recommendations for natural products out there besides creatine for MASS??!! Thanks for info in advance.

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    Try to eat 6000 cals ED split in 6/7 meals and make sure to have 75g of carbs, 40g of protein......sleep like 7/8 hours, and train like a freak, if you don't grow, then you must have really bad genetics dude! Otherwise, you'll be happy!

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    Supplemental glutamine is always a good idea if try to gain lean mass!! As is proper sleep,not overtraining and eating enough calories.

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