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    liv52, tylers- Liver Reset?

    If somone is 'detoxifying' their liver, does that reset receptors within the body for stimulants? I have been on fat burners for an extended time. I never went over the minimal dose, but my body has become normailzed to the normal dose. Im aware of the crash factor, but what ive been trying to find is a way to return my body to the nature it was when I first implemented the fat burner- to get that 'first cigarette' feeling. I wanted to stay clean of everything and use some milk thistle and liv52 for a couple months (with plenty of water). Does anyone out there think this this makes sense?? Should it work?

    **This wasnt directly related to AAS so im posting here. I feel less people view this board than the AAS one, but if any mods find this and feel it qualifies for multi board posting- please let me know.

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    i dont believe liver supps have anything to do with "reseting" receptors, they basically aid in protecting the liver against harmful chemicals. i know benadryl is used with clen /t3 to renew receptor sites im not sure if it works with an eca stack.

    bryan/giantz would know this.

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    stop for 2 weeks and your good to go possibily 3 weeks for good measure no need to clean any receptors

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    What are you taking? Clen I am guessing?

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    Actually its been nothing more that stacker2 (25mgs eph, 200mg caff, some thermos). Started several years back, always stayed at one dose. As time went on and effects lagged, experimented with varying the dose...but never got the same *umph* i had before. I know about how ephedra hit out stimulus receptors, and I understand that they are saturated and clogged. I have stopped for weeks before, but when I check whether Ive 'reset' myself for the old not getting the same jump and hype as before. I came across a thread in my research that said the time frame off (with ephedra) increases with the time frame of use. So im thinking I have a ways worth of being eph-free. I want to expedite this process if possible, if their exists a way to do so. It still amazes me how we are able to create a pill that can make your d|ck hard for hours on end, but we cant find one to cure cancer...or in this case clear out your system.

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