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Thread: good combo?

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    good combo?

    im about to start getting some supp's and am going to plan to start using them the first of january....this is what i was lookin at:
    Whey, Casein Protein, Arginine, Creatine Mono, and Animal M-Stak

    All of these seem to be what i'm lookin for...the m-stak is just in there for experimental purposes....also i take multi vitamins every day

    i think the protein is probably the most important due to my lack of a diet...i'm a college student so i basically eat what ever is easiest to make

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    That Is Pretty Much What I'm On Right Now, I Take Trib Though One Of My Friends Gave Me A Lot For Free. I Will Be Taking Some GH When I Start Cutting In Feb. I Also Eat A Few Rolls Of Smarties PWO To Help Shuttle My Protein...Oh And About 8mg ed of Vitamin C...

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