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    Twinlab Mct Fuel

    I got a bottle of this today.

    What is the best way to use it and what results have you got with it...
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    but to better answer your question

    MCTs by David Tolson

    1. What are medium chain triglycerides (MCTs)?

    Medium chain triglycerides are fats that contain 6-12 carbon fatty acids (as opposed to long chain triglycerides, those generally found in the diet, which contain more than 12 carbons per fatty acid). Medium chain triglycerides contain less calories per gram than other fats, and when consumed are processed differently in the body. They are commonly used in hospitals as a calorie source for patients who are having trouble digesting food, but also have application as a weight loss aid and rapid source of energy. They have the additional benefit of protecting the liver and gut from various toxins (one of them being alcohol) (1).

    2. What benefits do MCTs have?

    Multiple human and animal studies indicate that supplementation with medium chain triglycerides during calorie restriction has the ability to increase energy expenditure, reduce fat mass, improve nitrogen retention, preserve lean mass, and reduce appetite in the short term, but these effects have not been demonstrated in the long term (2, 3), and there is some indication that metabolic adaptation prevents long-term efficacy (2). For this reason, they are most beneficial when cycled and used for 1-2 week periods along with caloric restriction. From the available data, it is estimated that the use of MCTs for a two week period will reduce fat mass by up to 1.5 pounds (3), but this is assuming that all long-chain triglycerides are replaced with MCTs. More realistically, supplementation with a smaller amounts will have a modest effect on fat mass while aiding in muscle sparing and suppressing the appetite.

    MCTs may also be useful as a pre-exercise energy source, primarily on a low-carbohydrate diet, but the data are contradictory, with some studies on exercise performance showing a benefit and some being equivocal (4, 5). The studies that show a benefit from MCTs tend to be when MCT was used as a stand-alone, indicating that they are an effective fuel source for exercise when carbohydrates are absent, but they probably do not improve performance to a significant degree when carbohydrates are ingested.

    Finally, MCTs can be used as a healthy source of calories and dietary fat, even (and perhaps especially) while bulking. Comparisons between MCTs and olive oil show that MCTs cause a greater reduction in both total cholesterol and LDL (6), making them a healthier source of calories than some other fats, and they have the additional benefit of protecting digestive organs from various toxins. MCTs have a very good safety profile, and have been used in many trials at up to 1 g/kg with no ill effects (7).

    3. What are some of the best supplements with MCTs?

    * For bulking, Champion Heavyweight Gainer 900 provides plenty of MCTs with few unhealthy fats.

    * Beverly Ultra Size and Muscle Link Muscle Meals also provide MCTs along with other healthy fats, and both are high protein and low carb.

    * Finally, Optimum Opti-Pro Meals, Optimum Serious Mass, and Dorian Yates Approved ProPeptide MBF all contain modest amounts of MCTs.

    If you have any questions or comments regarding this article, please email dvdtlsn@*************.com.

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