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    liquid eye dropper creatine

    Hey I just picked up some liquid creatine monohydrate from gnc its their shit, was wondering if 1 it works and if anyone liked the results. Also How should I take it it says 4 drops after a workout. Do I mix the drops in water, or just drop in my mouth. Also I was thinking of running 4 drops apon waking and 4 drops after a workout, is that okay?

    Thanks Happy new year:

    Also I was thinking of buying pump tech or a supplement of that nature, which is the best one, that you guys reccomend


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    Hm Ive tried Creatine Serum..same stuff didnt do anything for me. Maybe this is different who knows.

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    ive never used liquid before. ive heard that its worthless and powder is the way to go.

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    If this is the serum, I would go with plain creatine monohydrate. You will get better results and it will cost you a lot less. Let us know if it's the serum.

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    creatine cant stay in a liquid, thats why they say to drink creatine right after mixing after a while it dissinagrates, creatine serum actually wont have any creatine in it at all thats why it doesnt work

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