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    superdrol-supporting supps-help needed

    well my friend just gave me a bottle of superdrol and i figured i would try out a cycle.i ive been working out hard for about a year.and know i need to get supporting supps to help with the side effects,only prob is i cant find a solid thread with the facts i was what i know i need:

    hawthorne berry,proliver,nolva,

    and i cant really think off the top of my head.

    so can i just get some help out with my cycle and i will post up my results.

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    Im no pro bodybuilder but when i used superdrol i just took cranberry extract and milk thistle with an anti-e. No sides. It ist strong enough to me to be able to have horrible sides. It was awesome tho! Great pumps! Good luck

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    LOL hear ya go brotha this should be helpful

    IMPORTANT INFO about safe hormone use!!!

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