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    Arrow Protein Powder with everything- sounds good but what's your take?

    I just saw this stuff made by ANSI called ALL-IN-ONE, it's a mix of ion exchange whey, partially hydrolysed whey concentrate(helps with diegestion), calcium caseinate( great for slower digestion- good before bed), and has like everything else you could think of in it, L-glutamine, d-ribose, Prohormones 1-AD-etc, etc, HMB, ZMA, 40 grams per 2 scoops, 6carbs, 1 gram sugar, no aspartame, made with sucralose(SPLENDA), the shit had it all, it looked killer, I don't know about it-whether it's quality or what, but I don't understand how they can put all that shit in it and sell it for a decent price, it was $34.00 which is kinda expensive but I don't know it may be worth a try? Anyone heard of it before? Any thoughts? Sounds good for postworkout, or bedtime, considering the ingredient's.

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    Too good to be true I would not take glutamine along with protein

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