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    skinny guys diet to bulk up a bit

    Hi. I posted these in the "new male members" thread when I first got on here and was told I should redirect my thread elsewhere. I'm 21 yeras old and roughly 5'10 and around 125 lbs. Before I said I was 6' and around 130 but I did my measurements last night and I was off a bit I'm wanting to get on a better diet and work out plan to build a better body. At this point, I'm not really looking to get huge. I do want a cut and fuller body though. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

    Dally gave me a reply back saying :
    15 years ago bro, I had the same stats....

    I was younger than you tho...either way. Get a really good weight gainer or meal replacement powder. Don't skimp on the price and get a good one, cause they mix better and taste better.

    Dont do any cardio whatsoever and follow a bulking diet. Dont worry if you put on a wee bitta tub on your belly for the next while. I put on 30 pounds in 3 or so months when I first started working out. Stick to a maximum or 6 sets per bodypart, working out each bodypart once per week.

    something like

    shoulders and arms
    get alotta rest and sleep.

    its gonna take some I said I was the same way and got to about 240 naturally 15 years later...before ever hittin the dont wanna be takin that shit now....if you were considering it.


    Awesome. Thanks for the advice Dally. I'm going to see my doctor Monday about my diet mostly. My diet isn't too great. Since my metabolism is so high I eat pretty much whatever I want and nothing happens. Though I can eat what I want, I'm sure it's not healthy and that won't get me anywhere. The weight gainers sound like a good idea. I'm sure I can get some at GNC or something, right? And at what point should I hit the juice? Another 30lbs? Thanks again. I really appreciate all the help and input!

    Also, I woud like to hear some diet tips or a direction to be pointed to on this topic. There's a lot of different information out there and I am wanting to know what best suits me. If no one really knows, that's ok. Like I said, I'm going to see a doctor about it, but personal info would be nice. Especially if you've been in my place!

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    Oh wow! That's awesome. Thanks a lot!

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    I weigh 145 and 5'11, I am on the skinny side, but I am cut. You should try to be cut and not be big and bulky unless you want that look. For my workouts, I do this:

    Day 1) Tri's/abs
    Day 2) Back/abs
    Day 3) Shoulders/abs
    Day 4) Biceps/abs
    Day 5) Chest/abs
    Day 6 + 7) Rest

    I can curl 45's and used to bench around 180ish, but I feel like I lost a lot of muscle from not working out on a steady schedule for 2 months and feel pretty weak. But once I get back on my schedule, I should be back up there.

    My cardio comes from rollerhockey, so thats when I do cardio. Once in a while I run outside for a bit, feels good.

    So I would suggest just starting out easy and making a schedule that you can keep up with first. Your core muscle strength will come from that, then you can take some supplements or eat more food to gain some weight.

    Unfortunately I have a high metabolism and I can't gain any weight :-\

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