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    Clen, E/C/A, etc...HELP!!!

    I haven't taken clen for about a year, and have been sick and things like that and haven't really worked out and have gained quite a bit of weight (probably 20 lbs)...I have been working out and doing cardio again but can't seem to lose anything around the waist...

    I have a couple questions...

    1. I took clen right before I got sick and stopped working out (and then one thing after another kept me from the gym), would that cause me to gain so much weight (possible metabolism slowing), and

    2. I see that is it for sale here, would anyone recommend taking it again? and,

    3. Is it legal to buy now that it is on the store here?

    On a side note, i found out of everything I had taken to lose fat, clen was by far the best stuff ever! It was awesome! I would love to take it again because I not only lost fat but got stronger on it...the bad thing is it wasn't over the counter and I can't find it now...

    Thanx for any help!!!


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    1. probaly not the reason
    2. not yet, diet and cardio for a couple more months, at least
    3. nope, not legal.

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