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    Vit C as a diuretic ?

    I know I have read this b4, & I believe the dose is along the lines of 5gr/day, now knowing the Vit C is a water soluable Vitamin, I am assuming one would want to space the doses out over the day.

    Has anyone tried Vit C as an effective diuretic ?

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    I haven't used it for that purpose, but in my experience the body can only process so much Vit C per day. Something of a surprisingly low dosage of 500mg per day (an undocumented Dr's opinion) is all the body uses. If I take too much, like more than 2500mg I get the runs.

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    Cool Precisely . . .

    I've never heard of Vitamin C as a diuretic (which would make you piss more), but large doses of Vitamin C do act as a laxitive (which make you, well, you know...).

    All of this means that you can get too much of a good thing.

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