I read that this is a Great supplement. Is it safe to take on insulin cycles or only off?

Here is some info i found on the Glucorell website:

Glucorell R™ contains the most exciting supplement ever allowed into the United States. It's been used in Germany as a glucose uptake enhancer to help prevent and treat diabetes for over 20 years. Now you can use it to help you prevent carbohydrates from making you fat by disposing of them like you did when you were a child. Only doctors doing research were able to buy this supplement. Until now.

Glucose is what your body makes out of the carbohydrates you eat. Then your insulin shuttles that glucose around your body to the cells to use as food. Glucorell R™ makes your muscle cells accept several times more glucose than you do now. By causing the muscle cells to take up so much more glucose you are preventing it from going to the fat cells. That way you are helping to make your muscles stronger while preventing all that glucose from going to your fat cells. When your fat cells get the glucose it makes you fat and over time may eventually cause insulin resistance, leading to adult onset diabetes.

Glucorell R™, taken before carb meals, insures those carbs are disposed of properly into your muscles helping you to maintain healthy low insulin levels, which is a powerful aid in preventing you from getting fat or insulin resistant.

Supplement improving glucose sensitivity and uptake for lower insulin levels. Clinically shown to reduce or eliminate fat gain from thiazolidinones like actos and avandia.

Glucorell R helps shuttle carbs into your muscle cells instead of into your fat cells by improving insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake. This improved utilization of glucose means that the carbs you eat are not stored as fat. Glucorell R is the multi-faceted anti-oxidant R+ alpha lipoic acid which is the pure and natural version of ALA. R+ alpha lipoic acid, also known a D Thioctic acid, has been shown to be an effective liver restorative and may help regenerate damaged liver cells. It has been shown to inhibit the transcription factor NF kappa which has been shown to activate cancer transcription. This means that R+ alpha lipoic may be an essential tool in preventing cancer proliferation. Recent research shows that biotin is an essential co-factor and complements the actions of R+ alpha lipoic acid with respect to glucose disposal and uptake.