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Thread: Superdrol stack

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    Superdrol stack

    What up fellas., i have taken two cycles of superdrol and loved them both, but my second cycle was not as successful as my first for some reason. I am thinking of taking another cycle but also stacking it with either ergomax, max lmg, prostanazol, or phera plex. I know this topic has been covered many times but i could not find a good thread that stated which one of these should not be used with superdrol!!

    1st cycle after pct gained 15 lbs
    2nd cycle after pct gained 7 lbs.

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    Ergomax LMG and phera-plex are out because they are both 17a-alkylated.

    both Max LMG and Prostanozol will be fine to stack with SD (in terms of hepatoxicity), MAX LMG having better results. I cant say about any other sides though

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