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Thread: Bloody Customs

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    Bloody Customs

    So the other week I placed an order for several products. The products I ordered were:
    - 2 x Melatonin (100x3mg)
    - 2 x SyneBURN (Synephrine: 180x10mg)
    - 2 x Inhibit-E (1,4,6-androstatriene-3,17-dione: 90x25mg)
    - 1 x Superdrol (2a,17a-dimethyl-5a-androsta-3-one-17b-ol: 90x10mg)

    Today the parcel arrived with the usual "Opened by customs" sticker and "S" meaning that it is safe. So I look inside and what do I find? Those bastards took out my Superdrol and Inhibit-E and replaced it with a seizure notice. I know what your thinking: No it isnt a fair trade.

    Aparently, because the active ingredients of those two items share the basic sterane skeleton with testosterone , they are illegal to import. Now what really gives me the irits is that I have orderd and received Superdrol before without any problem. I also dont get a refund on the products, despite the fact that their active ingredients are not specifically listed as prohibited imports

    I wonder if this will go on my criminal record

    EDIT: Ok, now im seriously pissed off. It turns out that melatonin require a perscription in Australia (making it illegal to import without one) and they didnt seem to mind about that, but they confiscated my Inhibit-E thinking that it contained androstenedione (aka 'Andro'), a different (but granted similar) chemical to what it actually does contain.

    They also declared that Superdrol contaiend a DHT (dihydrotestosterone) derivative; I would argue that it is a cholesterol derivative

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    Milky, tell us about your criminal record You know what a pain in the arse customs is in OZ. Cant you find a local source, as risky as that may be. ?

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