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    Muscle milk after Workout?

    recently i try muscle milk and i like the taste of it, so im jus wandring guys that is it good to take it after workout and before bed.
    500 mlserving contains 32g protein, 13g carb wit 330 calories
    as far as PWO shake, the pro and carb intake r less so shud i need 2, 500ml?

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    no you do not need that much...your body wont digest all of that protein

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    muscle milk has a lot of fats in it. i wouldnt recommend it for a PWO shake. have it right before bed if you must.

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    its a decent protein powder great flavors

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    Muscle milk would be a poor choice for a pwo shake. That isn't nearly enough carbs. Your glycogen stores are depleted and you need a good source of carbohydrates. You really have no use for fat at this time. I would post this in the diet forum you will get some better responses.
    As far as PWO shakes go, I would recommend 40g whey/1 cup oats/10oz skim milk (make sure its skim). This really helps me prevent fat gain while bulking.. I am a little bit sensitive to dextrose.

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