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    Post ECA and L-Carnitine

    Hi, new member here.
    Let me just jump straight into discussion.
    Does anyone (apart from me) feels that E/C/A stacks are a bad idea?
    First of all the side effects (elevated blood pressure, dehydration, lack of sleep etc..). However, I feel that the most risky aspect of an E/C/A stack is over a prolonged use (even if it cycled) eventually your body starts to rely on it to burn body fat. In other words, you lose your natural ability to effectively burn body fat without using E/C/A.
    The other good substitutes for fat loss is probably L-Carnitine, which works similar to E/C/A, however the side effects (elevated blood pressure, insomnia) are milder. Also L-Carnitine is more "natural" and can be found in small dossages in foods like red meat.
    In my opinion there is still no better substitute for fat loss than proper nutrition and exercise.

    Other thing to note, body cannot be catabolic and anabolic at the same time, thus if your goal is to lose weight - dont bother with creatine. If you trying to gain muscle mass, dont bother with ECA or L-Carnitine. In other words there should be cycles for gain and loss and you must take proper suppliments during each cycle.

    This is my opinion and I posted it to hear yours, so don't be shy and post!

    PS. I am "natural" and have only taken (and experimented with) creatine, glutamine, ECA, carnitine and ofcourse protein bars/poweders and multivitamins/minerals.

    Great site.. keep it up the good work and pump hard!

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    ive heard regular l carnitine does nthing because your body has enough runing through it and the supplementation does nothing nd gets pissed out

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    i disagree bro l cartnine works pretty good for me but you gotta take at least 4grms aday for a cuople of days to see any effect an if you stack with eca it does even better for me anyway

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    Im on ECA stack right now and its fucking my stomach up. But I've had energy from hell though.

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    to LenKol
    ECA and l carnitine dont work the same way .
    ECA elevates body tempreture and increases your metabolism while lcarniine allows more fat to be used for fuel .So you can say that combining the 2 products will be great for dieting athletes (espicially locarb diet!)

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