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    Taking supplements all together

    Does taking supplements all together , have anything to do with there effectiveness ? Like taking ala., CoQ 10 , Chondroitin , Multi Vitamin etc. all at once. Or should certain ones be taken alone to get there full effect ? I just thought if taken together one or more may be cancelled out because of the effect of one supplement to another. Thanks, Sick1

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    you got it
    when you mixed things up they lose its effectiveness
    try spreading it through out the day
    take the ones that are necessary at the right moment

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    Take calcium on its own because that prevents the absorption of a lot of other minerals. Thats why mutli-vits have only 10% of the RDA of calcium in them.

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    As far as a multi mixed with CoQ10, thats fine, a lot of multi's come with extra CoQ10, such as Eclipse's Pro Complex 24

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