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Thread: ephedrin

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    I am going to start taking an eca for the first time. after doing alot of research on this board i have come to the conclusion that making your own stack is the most effect. from what i understand i simply buy the pure ephedrin, caffine tabs and aspirine and take these together three times a day at a dose of about 25mg-200mg-350mg. am I correct that i don't have to make some kind of mixture with these tabs? I just simply take the the 3 tabs together ?

    also I am getting prolabs 200mg caffine tabs.
    I have never purchased pure ephedrin before so i want to make sure i get the right thing. I have found 2 ephedrins that i would like to run by you all.
    #1 D&E super cap ephedra 833 (made by steromax and DE pharmacuticles)
    100 tabs for $9.99
    850mg ephedra extract per capsule
    8% ephedrine alkaloids per capsule(delivering 68 mg pure ephedrine per serving)
    -this is what the add says. do you guys know the product? the doses seem to contradict eachother in places

    ast eph 833
    100 tabs for $14.95
    provides: ephedra extract (8%) 750mg

    are these the hcl ephedrin? cause that's what I read I should get but theses don't say anything about HCL.
    thought you guys could probably straighten this one out for me

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    they're not hcl,like label says it's ephedra extract.i would go with ephedrine hcl instead of ephedra

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    tanto is right that ephedra (imo) is bull shyt
    if anything go with ephedrine hlc

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